Guille Ojeda

I'm a software guy who got bored of writing code all day and started consulting so I could get in front of a lot of people and problems. I also got into technical writing, which mostly by accident resulted in 2 self-published books, 3000 newsletter subscribers and a freelance writer job.

I've been an actor, videogame commentator for live audiences in the thousands, and I may be faceblind but I haven't found a reliable way to test it. I live really far away (Argentina), but if you come visit I'll make you the best barbecue you've ever tasted.

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About Me

My story

Throughout my career I've been through a lot. Started as a developer at a dev agency where I worked on 10 different projects. Then became a cloud engineer, first for a big corp and then freelance. I joined a startup, became an AWS Authorized Instructor, and build some interesting things while teaching some interesting courses. Then back to dev, back to cloud again, freelance once more, and freelance architect.

Last year began my journey as a creator, when I decided to start a blog and a newsletter. I started taking social media seriously and being consistent there. I kept writing the newsletter once a week, plus the occasional blog post, and kept working as a consultant. In the process of writing stuff I somehow ended up writing 2 books, which I self-published. I also began working as a guest writer for a Silicon Valley startup.

I've been through a lot of projects, with a lot of technologies, and very diverse people. I've worked on green field, brown field and worse-than-brown field projects. I've come in with the garden hose and with the firehose. And I haven't always succeeded.

What I did succeed was in accumulating a lot of experience and learning a lot of lessons. That's what I write about daily, and that's what I use to help my clients avoid the mistakes I've seen or I've made. That, and a lot of jokes. I can't remember when was the last time I made a presentation with no jokes in it.

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Some of My  Past Clients

I have had the privilege of working with a lot of people and companies. Here are a few of them, who've agreed to be featured:

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