Guille Ojeda

Technical complexity kills businesses faster than a recession. I simplify cloud solutions, so your business can grow like a rocket instead of being dragged down by bad tech decisions.

My focus is on building simpler solutions that startups, scaleups, and SMBs can lean on to grow.
Let's simplify your cloud solution, so you're enabled by it, not impeded by it.

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About Me

My story

I've worked at startups, agencies and big corps, and had plenty more as clients. Everywhere I've gone, I've seen complexity hurt the business, slowing down processes and driving costs through the roof. I get it, building complex stuff is fun for engineers. I've been guilty of that myself. But it has to stop.

It's not just about motivation though. Simple solutions are harder to design than complex ones, especially when using complex tools. I've seen even the brightest minds struggle with cloud architecture because they didn't have the time to master every intricate detail of a cloud provider.

I'm working to change that, by simplifying cloud solutions and helping businesses thrive with more efficient and easy-to-understand architectures.

To understand software, I draw from my experience on over 20 projects using 6 different languages. I've gained a wide perspective by working across the whole tech stack: frontend, backend, infrastructure, test automation and blockchain.

To share knowledge and information, I lean on my experience as an AWS Authorized Instructor, with a CSAT score over 4.8. I've honed my writing skills by publishing over 25 issues of my newsletter for 1500+ subscribers, 20 articles on my blog, and 2 books. For that, I've been recognized as an AWS Community Builder.

To effect change, I build upon my experience as a technical leader and cloud architect. I've developed my consulting skills by helping more than 10 clients solve complex problems with simple solutions.

And when it comes to lightening the mood during our collaboration, I'm known for telling some pretty bad jokes.

my Mission
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My  Past Clients

Complex domains, now with simpler solutions

I have had the privilege of working with various companies to simplify their cloud solutions. Here are a few of them, who've trusted me:


Simplify Architecture to Power Business Growth

My mission is to simplify cloud solutions to allow startups, scaleups, and SMBs to lean on technology to power their growth. I do that by designing scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions that let you focus on the business instead of on technical details.

Technical solutions are often too complex, full of unnecessary "best practices" that were prescribed blindly. By emphasizing simplicity and avoiding overengineering, I provide a unique approach that sets me apart from other architects and consultants.

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Technical complexity kills businesses faster than a recession.
Stop wasting money and engineering hours.
Complex problems can be solved with simple solutions.

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