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I help techs create better AWS solutions without being experts

A bad Cloud Architecture can break your project

Higher Costs
A bad architecture can mean 50% more dev costs and 300% more operations costs.
Lack of Scalability
You want more users, but your infrastructure needs to handle them without crashing.
Awful Cloud Security
Basic security is very affordable. But if you don't do it (most don't) any kid can hack you.

This is what a good Cloud Architecture looks like

Devs can focus on development

Having a clean and simple cloud architecture will let your developers (your most expensive resource) focus on what they do best: developing software. They're more productive and happier.

You no longer worry about downtime

Don't get me wrong, 0 downtime is impossible. But if you know what to expect and build self-healing systems, you can take downtime to a level that's acceptable for you and your users.

You feel safe because you are safe

A good architecture includes security by design. Security best practices are very effective and actually very affordable. Don't wait until you get hit to start thinking about security.

You pay a lot less

The cloud is only cheap if you know what you're doing. A good cloud architecture is designed to be cost-efficient and predictable, making costs lower and easier to control.

REAL RESULTS for Real Projects

"In just a short consultation, I received expert guidance on optimizing my Kubernetes cluster and setting up a Postgres instance. The step-by-step instructions I received were very comprehensive. Within 30 minutes I had a clear understanding of how everything worked, and how I could reduce my costs.
Thank you Guille for your invaluable support!"

How I can HELP YOU

Consulting Services

What you get:
1 hour of expert input on your cloud architecture or specific problems on AWS
A description of your problems and the solutions, including diagrams if needed
Follow-up links and resources that will help you
Book a consult for $75

Cloud Architecture Services

What you get:
Peace of mind knowing that your cloud architecture is designed and optimized by an expert.
All diagrams and documents needed to understand every decision, plus a live session explaining everything.
A cost estimation for deploying this infrastructure and scaling to different sizes.
The limits of this architecture, and how to evolve it beyond that when you need to.
Book an initial call
ok, but who am I?

Guille Ojeda

I'm a cloud architect and AWS consultant. I've built a lot of software in nearly every role, and taught over 200 people how to do it.

In the process I've watched a lot of really smart people struggle with the cloud just because they didn't have the time to become experts.

So I decided I had to change that. I had to remove the need to be a cloud expert to build cloud infrastructure.

And that's what I'm doing.

More about me
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Reasons NOT to hire me

You're not building on AWS.
I work exclusively with AWS, so I'm afraid I won't be able to help you.
You're just building a PoC or don't need to scale.
There's nothing for me to do yet. Just launch an EC2 instance and drop everything there. Call me when you need to scale.
You just need someone to implement infrastructure or CI/CD pipelines.
I only consult on architecture and best practices, I very rarely write the code myself nowadays. If you need an engineer, send me an email, I can recommend people for a contract or permanent role.

Don't fit any of those reasons?

let's talk