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I help techs build on AWS
without first becoming experts

How? Mostly through
Daily spamming on LinkedIn and Twitter about software development, the cloud, and how things are too complex.
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A 2x/week, < 5 mins free newsletter called Simple AWS. You can subscribe above! Launching December 5.
YouTube (Q1 2023)
Short videos discussing real architectures, their implementation, common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
Need some professional help? this is what I do

1:1 AWS Consulting Services

We discuss your project and your architecture through the lenses of scalability, security, cost efficiency, and most of all simplicity.
I help you make sure you're building the right thing right, and that you'll be able to maintain it later.
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Cloud Architecture Services

We go over the requirements and all tech choices and architecture decisions you've already made.
Based on that, I design the simplest AWS architecture that solves your problem, with a focus on developer experience and cost optimization.
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Software Consultancies and Development

I help you make your idea a reality. I architect and head the project, and work together with an excellent development agency to build it.
My focus is on quality, maintainability, and transparency in the whole process.
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ok, but who am I?

Guille Ojeda

I'm a cloud architect and AWS consultant. I've built a lot of software in nearly every role, and taught over 100 people how to do it.

In the process I've watched a lot of really smart people struggle with the cloud just because they didn't have the time to become experts.

So I decided I had to change that. I had to remove the need to be a cloud expert to build cloud infrastructure.

And that's what I'm doing.

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