Guille Ojeda

I help techs build on AWS
without first becoming experts

Here's my story

I started out as a software engineer at a dev agency. Went through many startup projects and a couple of big ones over a few years, working with 5 different languages in all parts of the stack, from the frontend to the infrastructure.

Then I migrated to the cloud, got AWS Certified in 2 weeks and got hired as a DevOps Engineer contractor for a huge company. Spent a few months there, but it turns out corporate politics and I don't play that well, so after my contract was up I decided to look elsewhere.

Next I became a Cloud Support Engineer. Spent half my time writing case studies, replies to support tickets, knowledge base articles, etc, and half my time building a tool that would automate my job. Great experience!

And I became an AWS Authorized Instructor. Best teaching experience I've had!

Then a friend of mine said to me (literally) "Why don't you stop messing around with AWS and come back to coding?". Ok, maybe he didn't say "messing", but the rest is a literal quote.

So I joined Caramel Point. Best company I've ever worked for. There I led a team to build an NFT collection with an event driven backend, and built a private environment for NFTs (private Eth+IPFS+Arweave on GKE). I even wrote a solidity contract and launched my own NFT collection.

In 2021 I had the opportunity to go to re:Invent, and it changed me. 3 months after coming back I accepted a Sr Cloud Engineer position at Foresight Technologies. Unfortunately it wouldn't work out for me, so I went back to freelancing. I focused on startups and on finding common problems among them.

In that process I watched a lot of really smart people struggle with stuff that shouldn't be that hard, but which undeniably is. They were smarter than me! They were only struggling because they didn't have the time to become experts.

So I decided I had to change that. I had to remove the need to be a cloud expert to build cloud infrastructure.

And that's what I'm doing.

here's how I'm changing how you build
Daily spamming on LinkedIn and Twitter about software development, the cloud, and how things are too complex.
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A 2x/week, < 5 mins free newsletter called Simple AWS. You can subscribe above! Launching December 5.
YouTube (Q1 2023)
Short videos discussing real architectures, their implementation, common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
And these are the professional services I offer

1:1 AWS Consulting Services

We discuss your project and your architecture through the lenses of scalability, security, cost efficiency, and most of all simplicity.
I help you make sure you're building the right thing right, and that you'll be able to maintain it later.
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Cloud Architecture Services

We go over the requirements and all tech choices and architecture decisions you've already made.
Based on that, I design the simplest AWS architecture that solves your problem, with a focus on developer experience and cost optimization.
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Software Consultancies and Development

I help you make your idea a reality. I architect and head the project, and work together with an excellent development agency to build it.
My focus is on quality, maintainability, and transparency in the whole process.
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